Cinema is the ultimate talent destination for arts, literature, culture, music, fashion, technology and entertainment.

With aim to provide students with necessary skill to meet the demands of this industry, and opportunity to take their literary and cultural skills beyond the campus Indywood Talent Clubs, have been initiated. These clubs shall encourage employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of our state and country.

Indywood Talent Club aims to:

Opportunities/Activities of Indywood Talent Club


There is no dearth of talent in the country but still many are unable to showcase their skills to the world. But some of the shortcomings are:

Limitations of Current Indian Youth Festivals

‘Youth’ is the time of our lives where one is filled with extreme energy, spontaneity, vigor and enthusiasm. These are the leaders of tomorrow which can inspire and bring change the face of the entertainment industry. Though there are many youth festivals in our country who aim to provide the youth their biggest opportunity, they continue to face some of the following limitations.

Project Indywood

Project Indywood, the USD 10 billion visionary project has been at the forefront of uniting all Indian regional film industries under one umbrella and connecting the industry with global stakeholders of cinema. By bridging the gap between the Indian and International film market, and opening new avenues for international trade and investments, Indywood will help promote Indian cinema globally, thereby benefitting its film industry, both financially and qualitatively.

With set targets in place, the project is believed to witness 10 times growth in 5 years with an investment of approx. INR 70,000 crores for modernization of the whole system.
Project Indywood envisages to:

Benefits of Indywood Talent Club Accreditation for Educational Institutions
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