Refund Policy

Indywood Talent Club is committed to a high level of client service. This includes clearly communicating the costs associated with the service and the process we use to facilitate payment of fees. Below, please find our process for refund of money for incomplete services.

When a payment of fee is made to Indywood Talent Club through our online payment channel, the fees are retained by Indywood Talent Club in a client trust account held by a third party payment gateway provider. While in the client trust account they remain the client's money. Indywood Talent Club will receive the money once the client confirms his purchase and the registration is marked as confirmed from our server.

Any and all payment of fees towards registration will be made possible only through our website and mobile app.

  • A transaction once made to register for any of our event categories will not be refunded or cancelled to the customer. Indywood Talent Club will not be liable for any dissatisfaction from the customer’s end with regards quality of event post the payment.
  • The customer is granted access to attend only the event for which he has paid in full. Any additional request will have to be made in person.
  • No refund will be provided if the customer fails to turn up for the event under any circumstances. The management reserves the right to deny such claims.
  • Indywood Talent Club does not take responsibility for any untoward incident arising out of human intervention or Act of God occurring during the registered event.
  • Indywood Talent Club takes no responsibility in refunding the amount if customer is displeased with outcome of event

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